5 Tricks That Will Help You Buy the Best Outdoor Umbrellas

large outdoor umbrellas

Outdoor spaces add more charm and character to your home. These extensions of your living area can serve as your entertainment room or additional space for the family. Since these areas are exposed to the elements, putting some shades on can make it more enticing. As a solution, you can put several large outdoor umbrellas to prevent too much sun exposure or shield you from the rain or snow.

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However, there are plenty of options that you can find when buying patio umbrellas today. You also need to consider several factors before you can find the right one for your backyard. If you want to avoid getting overwhelmed when looking for the right outdoor umbrella for your property, you can use these shopping tips as your ultimate guide.

Shopping Tip #1: Determine the Umbrella Size 

The first tip you must learn is to look for the right size of umbrella for your patio. It will help you estimate the amount of shade your outdoor living area will get from the fixture.

When deciding on the right umbrella size, you need to calculate the floor area of your outdoor space. Overcrowding the area with excessively large umbrellas can restrict your movement. It will also make the place look cramped. However, picking more miniature umbrellas will not provide you with the shade that you need. So check out the size of the patio or garden where you plan to install your outdoor umbrellas to find the right one for your property.

Shopping Tip #2: Check Out the Quality

Another essential factor that you must keep in mind when buying large outdoor umbrellas is the products’ quality. Well-constructed umbrellas can withstand the test of time. It can also survive harsh winds, heavy rains, and unforgiving storms.

As much as possible, you need to find outdoor umbrellas that come with a warranty. It will assure you that the manufacturer can vouch for the quality of their products.

Shopping Tip #3: Look for Umbrella Stabilisers 

Large umbrellas for your outdoor spaces can be heavy. Sticking them to the ground may not be enough because they can topple over due to the winds or heavy rains. So look for an item that can provide additional reinforcement to stabilise it.

Some outdoor dining tables have holes intended for umbrellas. You may also look for special umbrella bases if you want to stick them on the floor.

Shopping Tip #4: Pick Fabrics Specifically Made For the Outdoors 

The fabrics used in outdoor umbrellas must be lightweight, stain proof, and durable. These textiles should also fold faster when not in use.

Some of the most common umbrella canopy fabrics that you can consider include acrylic-made fabrics. They provide the best shades under the sun. You can also consider umbrellas designed with umbrella fabric. This textile is often used in other outdoor upholstery.

Shopping Tip #5: Find Something the Rotates 

The sun moves throughout the day. It means that the area where the sun shines the brightest at noon will change once the sun starts to set. So ensure that you can adjust the shade by looking for a tilting umbrella.

Tilting patio umbrellas could be the best option if you want to cover the patio area from the harsh rays of the sun at any time of the day. It is also an ideal purchase if there are no structures nearby to provide extra shade.

Investing in outdoor umbrellas can make your backyard or garden more pleasing to stay in during pleasant days. By buying the right umbrellas, you can have the best shade each time you stay with your loved ones in your outdoor entertainment and living area.

Written By: Alison Lurie


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