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The world of anime is quite a broad field. You will be surprised to see the combined audience base for anime. Though the anime is made based on a series of comic-like books called Manga which is mainly in Japanese. But people from different parts of the world love watching anime. Since we saw several people searching for sheer heart attack jojo online, writing an article like this was obvious. Be with us for a moment as we discuss different aspects related to this series in this brief article.

What is this series all about?

Well, the series that we are talking about here belongs to a manga series called Diamond is unbreakable. It is one of the most popular manga series in its category. The diamonds are used here to heal things by punching them. There are several chapters in this mange and Sheer Heart Attack is the sixteenth story arc of the series Diamond is Unbreakable. You can see the story of Jotaro, Sheer Heart Attack, and Kochi in this series. Apart from this, there are subsequent identity shifts from Kira in order to escape the Joester Group.

The plot

In order to get a proper idea about this series, you must know the basics of its plot. Well, the story mainly revolves around three characters called Koichi, Jotaro, and Josuke. It starts when Jotaro is having a look at the button left by the murderer of Shigekiyo. Koichi and Jotaro meet each other right at the moment, Jotaro was investigating the button. After a while, they find a store where the shopkeeper repairs clothes as a part-time job. Then there is a new attack on both of them (Koichi and Jotaro) from a new Stand. In case, you have no idea about what is Sheer Heart Attack is, here is a basic definition. Sheer Heart Attack is a bomb rather a miniature but heat-seeking bomb. The Star Platinum punches lie on the top of thier great range and hence the bomb can’t cause any damage to the Star Platinum punches.

This feature of the bomb lets Kira leave his jacket. It all happened because Koichi made a mistake by scouting the murderer. Meanwhile, it was the job of Jotaro to protect him and Jotaro finally succeeded in protecting him with his body. Koichi has been against the heart attack for a long time but the enemy is strong and threatens to kill both Koichi and Jotaro.

How can you watch it?

There are several ways to watch Sheer heart attack. If you take a look at the answers to this question, you will find a wide range of answers. Some of those options are legal while some are illegal. All you should know is, you can watch it on Netflix. Just go on the official website and opt for a paid subscription. Once you are subscribed to the premium service, you will be able to watch all the content available on Netflix. And sheer heart attack is also available there.

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