The 11 Best BFF 2 Person Yoga Poses For Best Body Shape

Bff 2 Person Yoga Poses

Yoga can be a wonderful method to stretch and relax your body but you do not have to do it alone. Yoga with your best friend could bring a host of health benefits that alone yoga cannot compare to.

Yoga postures with partners can bring you closer. So, we’re going reveal our Bff 2 Person Yoga Poses to try out today.

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BFF yoga for two people is a form of yoga you practice with someone you already have a close relationship with. Practice yoga poses with your closest friend, sibling or partner can build an even deeper bond, giving you to get closer.

The great thing about two-person yoga does not matter whether either of you are more flexible or less. Yoga poses that require two people can help create an emotional connection that is deeper, as well as a greater confidence with the person you’re practicing with.

Your yoga postures will definitely improve due to the fact that you’ll gain more support and stability. In addition, your best friend is a an excellent motivator to continue doing the yoga postures. Here, we’ve listed 11 most effective yoga poses.


This is an excellent opportunity to start your 2-person yoga journey. When you’re seated side-by-side on the floor you’ll be able to build a stronger bond without looking at your best friend.

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How to Do the Back-to-Back Meditation Pose With Your BFF:

Begin by sitting in a row with your partner and cross your legs placing your toes on the ground. If you’re experiencing tight hips place yourself by laying on the floor with a blanket. Make sure that your backs are aligned and you’re sitting straight. Take some time and pay attention to the way you’re breathing.

Synchronize your breathing by inhaling for three seconds, then exhaling for 3 seconds. Repeat this process for five minutes of breathing.


Individual boat pose can help stabilise and strengthen your core muscles and improve your the balance. The great thing about 2-person boat pose that it improves the posture, core strength, and alignment of your limbs.

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How to Do Boat Yoga Pose With Your BFF

Place your feet on the ground in front of your partner toe-to-toe. hold your hands in a tight knot, and then keep your hands straight. Make sure you adjust your distance if the arms of your hands are bent. Bring your feet together, then lift them to create an V with your spine.

Maintain your back straight, and keep your core is tight, focusing on your partner all the time. Take five deep breaths.


This is a pose that is about lifting your BFF both physically and spiritually. Examine your upper body as well as your core power with an Instagram worthy double plank. Choose which of you will be at the bottom and which will be at the top.

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How to Do Double Plank Pose With Your BFF

Make a plank in a high position, putting your shoulders right on your wrists. Get the core while your partner climbs into a plank in front of you.

They’ll place their hands on the achilles and place their feet on top of your shoulders. Be careful when you perform this position and ensure that you communicate with your body to prevent injuries. Make sure your core muscles, buttocks, as well as your chest muscles, are engaged. Keep it for 3 to 5 breaths.


Also called a detox pose Partner twist helps with the elimination of any toxins that you may have. It’s a great posture to practice with your partner as it helps you feel rejuvenated and rejuvenated. It’s also a great stretch to perform with someone else before you exercise.

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Similar to the back-to-back yoga posture, sit down in a comfortable position with your backs close to each other. Then, bend your leg on the right side then place it across your left leg and then place your foot on the floor. Turn your left leg to the right side of your buttocks.

Your partner should be doing the opposite. Turn to the right, then cross your left hand over your right thigh. Keep your partner turning left so that you are able to join with your thigh in middle. Take five deep breaths before returning to the middle before moving to the opposite side.


The challenge of balancing your life is best with an ally, right? That’s the truth for those who are thinking about it! Focus your attention and develop more awareness of the present with the help of your companion.

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How to Do Partner Tree Pose With Your BFF

Begin by standing side-by-side with your friend and place your arms around your shoulders or waists, based on the height ratio. Place your foot on the inner part of the leg closest to your friend.

Bend your leg to the outside and then place you sole on the inside of your calf or thigh by bending your knee to the side during the procedure. Connect your hands in the middle or raise them above your head. Inhale deeply for five breaths Then release, and switch to repeat on the opposite leg.


One of the most appealing aspects regarding downward dogs, other than being able to perform it with the help of a companion is that it strikes you in the right spots. Don’t get fooled by the fact that doing downward dog with partners does require some more force than the standard single pose.

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How to Do Double Downward Dog With Your Partner

To perform this yoga posture with your partner, begin with the traditional downward dog pose. Be sure that you are secure and comfortable in this posture. Your partner should stand just a few feet in front of you . They should move forward till their palms are resting on the floor. Your partner will then put their feet on your lower back, and then lift into a downward-facing position, engaging the shoulder muscles all through. Take five deep breaths , then change postures.


Another difficult balance pose, the partner dancers will test your coordination, while allowing the hipflexors. The dancers who are two people require less strength, however it provides support and helps how to master the posture.

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How to Do Partner Dancer Pose With Your Friend

Begin by facing the other and leave enough space between you that you together lean toward forward (about about four inches). Flex your left knee while your reach forward with your left hand to grasp your right ankle. Slowly lean forward , and then slowly arch your back and then lift into a graceful dancer’s pose. It is possible to reach up and join your palms or fingers, or hold the shoulders of one another for additional support. Take five deep breaths, and then repeat the opposite side.


This is a simple two-person yoga practice that is well at the beginning or the end of your yoga practice. The main purpose behind this posture is to improve flexibilities in lower back as well as the hamstrings.

Yoga Poses For 2 To Connect With Your Partner Or BFF

How to Do Partner Bound Angle Pose With a Friend

It is important to have to start sitting back-to-back with one of you sitting with bent legs and your feet planted on the ground. The other person should straddle their legs and then prepare to lean inward. The person with bent knees will be leaning against the other while they reach forward in order to stretch the stretch further. Be sure to communicate to make sure you don’t strain too much. Keep it for 5-10 breaths before switching.


Got tight hips? Let them loosen and ease tension in the cow’s face position. Contrary to other poses the cow face pose does not require stacking or support by your companion.

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How to Do Cow Face Pose With Your Best Friend

Just sit beside one another and take on a more relaxed posture. Set up a chair on which you put your feet together. Then, lift your right arm toward the ceiling, then bend your elbow in order to put your hands across your shoulder blades.

Take your left arm to the left hand, bend the elbow and extend your left hand toward your right hand. Place it between the shoulder blades. Try to hold your hands together but don’t try to force yourself into experiencing discomfort. For 20-30 seconds, hold your hands for a while before switching sides.


The yoga posture is unique because each participant will be performing the same posture. The focus is on coordination as well as support which means that communicating with one another is crucial. It’s also a fantastic starting point for anyone looking to move up to a full-inversion support for their shoulder.

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How to Do Bridge and Supported Stand With BFF

The partner one will begin the building a bridge with hands reaching toward the heels. Utilize your glutes as well as the core to push up to bridge position. Two partners can also do bridge pose, however, place the shins in the opposite direction of the shins of partner one’s.

Partners two and three must reach out to grasp the hands of partner one. Partner two presses his triceps to the flooring, simultaneously lifting their hips enough to put the soles of feet on top of the partner’s thighs, which is just over the knees. The second partner must press upwards into a supported shoulder standing. The pose should be held for 10 seconds before you change the positions.


Warrior III may be the most difficult pose on this entire list. If you do it with someone else is, however, able to make it much easier because you’ll get an additional stability and support system that you can’t achieve by yourself.

partner Warrior 3 | Partner yoga poses, Partner yoga, Yoga poses

How to Do Partner Warrior III With Your BFF

Begin by standing in opposite directions. Step into a Warrior II position, keeping your front leg bent, and your the back leg straight. The two of you should be by side facing each other in the opposite direction, with your back leg being positioned by the other’s front foot and reverse.

Once you’re both in a good place take both of your rear legs off of the ground, simultaneously reaching towards your partner’s ankle with only one arm. The other arm should be extended to join your partner’s at the middle of both of you.

Do this for at least five breaths and then return back to the center and repeating the exercise on the opposite leg.


Here’s the list Our top Bff 2 Person Yoga Poses. Each pose is excellent for creating a connection with your companion. If you’re looking to engage another person There are similar three-person yoga poses you can practice.

If this isn’t your thing If that’s the case, we suggest sticking with the poses with partners. It is possible to conclude with some mindfulness or even make these poses means of warming up before your workout.

Who Can Do This Bff 2 Person Yoga Poses?

Bff 2 Person Yoga Poses give a different experience than regular yoga. Yoga is a regular practice, mostly by healthy, young individuals with flexibility in their bodies. Traditional yoga is focused upon the body’s ability to stretch.

It is normal for strong and young people But not so in older and weaker individuals. But this Bff 2 Person Yoga Poses are attainable for anyone regardless of fitness or age.

When You Should Do Bff 2 Person Yoga Poses?

The BFF yoga 2 person poses are able to be practiced anytime, according to your schedule. It is recommended to do them two times each week for approximately 30 minutes, and then take a break on other days.

If you’re wondering about the time these Bff 2 Person Yoga Poses class requires, it’s approximately 10 minutes longer than regular yoga.

The Bottom Line

The Bff 2 Person Yoga Poses can be performed all day long. However, it is advised to practice them two times each week for approximately 30 minutes before taking a break on other days. If you have any other concerns or questions, you can post a comment below.


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