Top 6 Hospitals in Delhi NCR

Top 6 Hospitals in Delhi NCR

There are several medical facilities in the capital city of India. In addition to New Delhi, the city has a number of hospitals that serve the population of the Central District and beyond. However, the list of top 10 hospital in Delhi is not exhaustive. The list includes Artemis Hospital, BLK Super Specialty Hospital, Fortis Shalimar Bagh, Paras Hospital, and Max Health Care. Read on to find out which hospital is the best and why.

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Artemis Hospital

The top-notch medical center Artemis Hospital in Delhi is a well-known medical institution in the country. Its staff comprises of medical experts with decades of experience and an unmatched focus on patient-centric care. They work together to develop new treatment methods and implement them in order to provide the highest level of patient care. Here are some of the things you should know before choosing Artemis as your next medical center.

The Apollo Group has been a major player in the health industry in India for over 30 years. It is a pioneer in the private healthcare revolution and has 17 state-of-the-art mobile operating rooms. They are also equipped with gas scavenging systems and triple-stage air filtration. Artemis offers an outstanding patient experience at an affordable price. And, thanks to their highly skilled medical staff, patients can expect to receive the best care available.

BLK Super Specialty Hospital

The 650-bed super speciality hospital has a strong reputation in the city. Its staff of highly skilled doctors is renowned throughout the world. The hospital offers world-class services and is equipped with cutting-edge medical technology. The facility also has 17 state-of-the-art operating rooms and an automated pneumatic chute system. Its dedicated critical care units include the largest in the country.

It was originally a 350-bed unit. Today, it houses treatment facilities for every medical specialization under the sun. Its motto, “In Love, Serve One Another,” reflects its Christian ethos, which strives to provide the best possible care to patients. It also boasts a 24-hour emergency room. It’s one of the few hospitals in the country that consistently has 100% patient occupancy.

Paras Hospital

There are numerous reasons to choose Paras Hospital as your top choice for a medical facility in Delhi. The multispecialty approach that the doctors at Paras Hospital adopt allows for more specialized treatment of diseases that may have underlying neurological and cardiological conditions. Its doctors include the best gynecologist, neurologist, pulmonologist, and diabetologist. Their years of experience and reputable reputation means that you can be confident that you will receive excellent medical care at Paras Hospital.

The Paras Hospital is a leading multispecialty hospital with specialists in every department. For example, its cancer team is comprised of some of the top oncologists in Delhi, and its neurosurgeons are among the best in the country. For a comprehensive diagnosis of neurological problems, the Paras Hospital has a dedicated Neurosciences center. There are 55 specialty departments in the hospital, including Minimal Invasive Surgery.

Fortis Shalimar Bagh

Located in New Delhi, Fortis Hospital Shalimar Bagh has a team of highly educated physicians, surgeons, nurses, technicians, and other healthcare professionals. Their facilities and technologies are state-of-the-art. They provide advanced care in a variety of fields, including heart disease, hematology, and oncology. They also have a 1.5 Tesla MRI and Endoscopy Suites.

The hospital offers comprehensive services in the areas of cardiology, gynecology, obstetrics, and oncology. It has a wide range of diagnostic tools and modalities, and offers emergency care around the clock. The hospital’s motto, “In Love, Serve One Another,” means that it strives to provide healthcare with Christ-like compassion.

Max Super Specialty Hospital

Located in south Delhi, Max Super Specialty Hospital is one of the leading health care providers in the country. The hospital, which has over 530 beds, is an internationally recognized facility that specializes in medical procedures. Its highly skilled team of specialists offers innovative treatments for a variety of diseases. Over the years, it has treated over 34 lakh patients across 38 different specialties. The facility also has dedicated endoscopy suites and advanced functional imaging.

This hospital is part of the Max healthcare network and has been in operation since 2001. The network includes 14 hospitals throughout the country, each with their own centers of excellence. The hospitals are accredited by NABH and ISO. They offer holistic healthcare at reasonable prices. Some of the services available at the hospital include neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, orthopedics, and neuroscience. They also offer pain clinic services such as epidurals and peripheral nerve intervention. Some of their most common procedures include Spine Root Block, Trigeminal Block, and Radiofrequency Rhizolysis.

Dr. N. C. Joshi Memorial Hospital

One of the top hospitals in Delhi, the Dr. N. C. Joshi Memorial Hospital, was built in 1969. It is an imposing 100-bed public hospital whose primary aim was to provide basic health care services for free. The hospital’s founder, Dr. N. C. Joshi, was assassinated during communal riots after India’s partition. After his death, his family struggled to run the hospital and ultimately handed it over to the Delhi Government. Today, the hospital offers a wide variety of services and has more than one hundred beds, including some specialties.

The hospital’s pediatric care unit is exceptional. With over 485 doctors, the institute is a premier medical facility, with the highest quality pediatric care. The facility’s facilities include state-of-the-art operating rooms and intensive care units. It also features modern labs and a 3 Tesla Siemens MRI. The pediatric emergency unit is one of the hospital’s specialties, with specialized care for children with critical illnesses.


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