Your Essential Guide To Fitness Reality 810xlt Super Max Power Cage

fitness gear 300 lb. olympic weight set

No matter which age group you belong to, exercise has the potential to improve your lifestyle you do it correctly. Since the lifestyle of most people has changed a lot, there is no more place for physical works. It has become a major concern for most people as it has become a cause of several severe diseases. So, it has become quite an important thing to focus on your lifestyle and include physical activity in your daily life. Young people should definitely work out as it promotes strength and immunity very effectively. This article will work as a guide for your fitness equipment. And we will also talk about some of the best sets like fitness reality 810xlt super max power cage and many others. Take a look at these as we go on discussing each one in detail.

Power Cage

Power cage is one of the most important things that you should have in order to support your weight training equipment. It is mostly used to support the weight during barbell and other related exercises. Many people think of the Smith machine in most cases like this but that is not convenient. Smith machine restricts several movements during the exercise. But you will not face a situation like that once you start working out using the power cage. In case you are looking for the best one, here are some hints.

  • Hashtag is one of the most popular and good brands available in this country. It comes with several features like lifting cage adjustable weight racks. Such a feature makes it highly useful for a large variety of weight training. It costs about 15,000-16,000 in India.

Fitness Gear Pro Half Rack

If you are looking for the best half racks available here, the fitness gear pro half rack is the best one you can get. It is quite a convenient option as fitness gear has been one of the leading brands for such equipment in our country. This one has been made from better quality heavy-duty steel. That is enough to support 600 lbs of weight at max. Apart from being so strong, it offers a wide range of adjustments. If you have got this one, you can practice a large number of weight exercises in different grip positions. Its strength and support for different adjustments have made it suitable for home exercises and Olympic lifters as well.

Fitness Reality 810xlt Super Max

Whenever someone talks about the best power cage available in the market, fitness reality 810xlt super max is perhaps the first name that comes to people’s minds. Its sturdy body is able to support about 800 lbs of weight. There is no end to the list of outstanding features that you get here but we will give a brief overview of this item.

  • It has quite a larger walk-in space that lets people move side to side quite easily. The pull-up/ grip bars are available for different pull-up exercises.
  • This power cage comes with two 23” long chrome safety bars, 19 height levels that are adjustable, and two 3 ¼ “ long lock-on safety bars.
  • The backrest with its latest model is adjustable for up to 12 positions. This backrest can be adjusted from -20 degrees to +80 degrees.
  • Backrest seat has been modified in the latest version and now this seat is 2” wider than before. It has been done to support the back in a more convenient way.
  • There is a detachable leg hold that can be adjusted in 3 ways. Such features make sure that the half-rack remains stable most of the time.

Fitness Gear 300 lb Olympic Weight Set

If you are looking for the best weight training set, fitness gear 300 lb. olympic weight set is the best one for you. It offers different types of exercise to maximize your gains from weight training. This set is enough to facilitate exercises like bench presses and squats. It comes with a 45 lbs 7’ chromium bar for weight training. You can customize your exercise with the help of two spring clips, and a large number of plates.

Final words

We hope this article helped you in making you familiar with some of the most popular weight training equipment. Exercise improves the health of individuals in many ways. But you have to consider some important factors before opting for it. If you have some underlying disease, you should never go for it without consulting your doctor. You should be doing it only if your body is able to do it comfortably.

If you are fit for such exercises, you should pay more attention to the posture. Because doing weight training in wrong postures has been found to affect the body in a negative way. To know more visit our website


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