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A panic attack can feel like a genuine physical manifestation despite stemming from one’s stresses and ignorance of significant issues. The congestion in one’s chest resembles the pain of a heart attack, causing the sufferer to be exceedingly uncomfortable.

But, if the sufferer’s people do not heed this panic attack adequately, it can stimulate crucial conditions like Agoraphobia and other phobias. Agoraphobia drives people to believe that they are isolated and no one will come to their rescue if things go awry.

It is imperative to treat panic attacks at their onset. With time, the stress accumulates and gives birth to other psychological conditions. The best heart hospital in Bangalore excel at treating their patients with utmost calm and proficiency. They are equipped with handling vital ailments and even panic attacks.

When people find themselves caught in this cross-fire, it can induce self-doubt, low confidence, and even embarrassment. Even though panic attacks do not possess genuine physical risks, they can deter people’s minds and perceptions of life, relationships, work, and other factors.

The people around the sufferer must practice patience and empathy because the victim lacks self-awareness and is not acting out on purpose. If they feel like people around them do not take this situation seriously, it might worsen their condition.

If you live with someone susceptible to panic attacks, have a doctor on retainer because they surface out of the blue. It could happen while they are asleep, at work, while driving, or even while working out. You can trust the best heart hospital in Bangalore with your friends and family because they are highly adept.


As mentioned above, one of the direct ramifications of unattended panic attacks is agoraphobias and other phobias. It can also lead to drug and alcohol abuse. Let us explore this in detail:

  • Phobias

Phobias are described by irrational fears and thoughts harbored by the person. They may feel exceedingly scary to the person and even life-threatening in some cases. For example, people might be so afraid of an occurrence or object in their surroundings that its presence might set them off.

  • Agoraphobia

People are victims of exceeding fear of situations that may seem difficult to escape. They also feel that no one would come to their rescue in their time of need. Such worries can make the outside world an intimidating setting for the victim and cause significant anxiety. People with Agoraphobia find it difficult to sustain themselves.

People are fragile and more susceptible to panic attacks if they suffer from these phobias. Despite how much the sufferers attempt to hold themselves back, the manifestation might occur anytime, anywhere. It might feel embarrassing for them and cause unwillingness to leave the house. The sufferers must have someone on retainer to help them through their suffering.

  • Drug and alcohol abuse

Another direct manifestation of unattended panic attacks is drug and alcohol abuse. People might become dependent on alcohol or drugs to evade stressful moments and stay intoxicated. These substances help in numbing one’s pain and allow people to forget reality for some time.

It can be addictive because no one likes a constant reminder about the highs and lows in their life. But remember that consuming these substances can significantly mar one’s health and affect their thinking pattern.


People suffering from panic attacks should be immediately taken to a doctor.

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Written By: Alison Lurie


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