The Ultimate Buying Guide For Towels Used On The Beach

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With summer approaching in a few months, everyone in America seems to be excited. Most families will run to the east coast and have beach adventures. At the same time, some will ride on waves to gain back the thrill.

Imagine being in your comfortable summer attire and stowaway sand granules find their way into your outfit. Or you are not finding the proper cloth to wipe away the saltwater.

Indeed, that won’t be very pleasant and will dissipate the fun during this season. That is why you will need a good quality beach towel irrespective of your activities on the sand or water. These towels can absorb moisture and keep a barrier between your skin and the sharp sand.

But, how do you choose the best for your adventures? Read on!

Choosing the Right Towel in 3 Easy Steps

In America, 17.9% of citizens visit the beach for recreational activities alone. So, it will only be possible to have fun and adequate time when you have the perfect towel for the beach.

Quality beach or sand towels will be a fashion statement and help with absorption. There are aspects like size, thickness, and even material that you need to consider.

The Size of the Towel

Usually, the dimensions of such towels are 27 inches x 52 inches to 30 inches x 58 inches.

Even then, the average towel will be around 31 inches x 63 inches. Similarly, there are head-to-toe designs that have a size of 39 inches x 70 inches. The beach blankets have dimensions of 59 inches x 78 inches.

This variety ensures that everyone gets what they want – either a small, average, or large towel. Such towels are ideally longer and wider than regular ones. Hence, this characteristic is crucial if you want to refrain from touching hot sand.

The Softness of the Towel

Everyone wants to dry themselves out with a soft and soothing towel. Yet, the constant usage on rough surfaces can cause wear and tear on the towel.

Indeed, comfort seekers should always look for a 100% cotton material. It will inadvertently ensure a high level of softness along with comfort. A beach towel can vary between 300 GSM to 900 GSM.

The lower number you choose, the thinner or lighter the towel will be.

Your skin will be in contact with the towel for a long time on the beach, so you need to feel comfortable. Therefore, it would be best to go for a higher quality material that is comfortable and soft.

The Absorption of the Towel

The main reason to use such towels is to dry yourself off as you get a tan. In some cases, your towel might not dry, and you will be sitting on a damp mess.

Nobody loves uncomfortably wet sand clinging onto the towels while washing it. So, you will require a highly absorbent material in your towels. It should soak the moisture and water and dry incredibly fast.

Expensive towels will have absorption features due to the use of terry cloth and cotton.

The Bottom Line

Choosing a beach towel can be a scary task if you do not know what to look for. Such a towel should have highly absorbent materials with a good GSM rating and a perfect size to cover your body.

Once you consider these aspects while choosing the towel, you will be left with the perfect one.

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