How Can You Make Your Deodrants Last Long ?

Deodorant spray

Deodorants function by eradicating the bacteria on your skin, which is the main contributor to odor and perspiration production.

Since deodorant contains certain antibacterial agents, it can eliminate the odor-causing bacteria that sweat promotes the growth of and keep you feeling fresh. Deodorants are less effective than antiperspirants at removing foul perspiration.

However, the million-dollar question is how to make them last longer. When you go out on a warm and humid day, it becomes extremely difficult to keep the odors at bay.

This article will help you out with some tricks and tips to make your deodorants last longer, even when it’s 40 degrees outside.

Ways To Make Your Deodorant Last Longer

Given below are some of the top tips that you can apply to keep the fragrances alive all day long—

1. Use Long Lasting Deodorants

Yes, we know that most deodorant brands claim to be long-lasting. However, it doesn’t always prove to be true. But if you follow some simple tricks, you can actually get a deodorant with long-lasting effects—

  • While you check out deodorants, make sure you go through the reviews.
  • You can ask questions on the consumer forums or comment sections, where you’ll get replies from other consumers.
  • Take suggestions from friends and family.
  • Buy trial packs to be more assured.

Note: It is a myth that strong smells last longer. Therefore, you cannot be sure that your deodorant will last long only because it has a very strong smell.

2. Apply On Your Skin

Deodorants, when sprayed on your clothes, may not be as effective as when you spray them on your skin. Several brands put this warning or instruction that prohibits users from applying the products on their clothes.

Deodorants are designed to absorb perspiration and only function after being absorbed by the skin. So, if you want the deodorant to linger longer, let it come into touch with your skin.

However, be careful not to apply deodorant to skin that has just been shaved or cut; doing so might irritate the skin or result in an infection.

3. Prepare Your Skin To Absorb Better

When applying a deodorant, it is important that your skin is prepped well to hold the fragrance. The basic purpose of applying any deodorant is to block the sweat pores and lock the fragrances on your skin.

Therefore, you cannot start with a smelly body when trying to make your deodorant last longer.

The best time to apply deodorant is right after you’re out of the shower. At this point, your body is free from all odors and sweat. If you can block your sweat pores at such a moment, you can avoid sweating.

You can spray at the pulse points. This covers a greater area of your body when you spray deodorants or perfumes on your pulse points.

4. Apply Talcum

This is one of the greatest tricks that you can apply when using deodorants. A small amount of powder applied beneath your arms may make a big difference.

If you start to feel excessively perspiring throughout the day or after applying deodorant, try putting talcum or baby powder beneath your arms. It will aid in absorbing perspiration and preventing odor.

Baby powder absorbs sweat, so incorporating it into your morning ritual can extend the useful life of your deodorant. The baby powder acts as an extra layer of defense that keeps you smelling fresh when used after a roll-on deodorant.

Additionally, it avoids the sticky sensation that might follow repeated deodorant applications.

5. Shake Your Bottle Before Applying

Typically, producers choose the propellants for aerosol cans because they liquefy under pressure, allowing them to pack more into the can.

Many of those, nevertheless, are greasy when liquid. They must be re-mixed with water or alcohol solutions before each usage since they don’t remain together.

Similar to liquids, you must protect an active component that is a powder, such as certain pigments, from settling to the bottom of the container.

Wrapping It Up!

Roll-on deodorant and antiperspirants provide an even coating of gel or liquid to your underarms using a rolling ball. Deodorant products work to prevent microorganisms that cause odor by killing them.

Roll-on items are perfect for frequent travelers because of their small size. You can trust a roll-on when it claims to provide 24-hour protection.


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