A Guide to Popular Footwear Trends

women’s UGGs-Australian made

Having spent most of the past year inside, people have been bound to their pair of slippers. They were the go-to footwear that combined both functionality and comfort. However, the outside wardrobe is coming back in use, as the footwear market in Australia is expected to grow at a rate of 8.08% annually.

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People are searching for new shoes to match their outfits, from office to parties. As such, from chunky women’s UGGs-Australian made to luxe sneakers, new trends are hitting the streets. And here are some popular shoe trends that’ll have heads turning.

Androgynous Designs

A lineup of classic designs for men’s shoes have been altered for women, and they look stunning. These adaptations are chunkier and higher than their male counterparts. And many models like oxfords, loafers and brogues have been used in such designs. Also, block heels are very common in such models. Designers also use a large tread to accentuate its shape and form, and these changes give a feminine edge to the designs.

They can be paired with almost anything from baggy clothes to cute dresses. Such designs are available nationwide along with other non-binary apparel through select online stores.

Stompy Boots

Even though this winter trend has been there for a while, it is still good today. And while many people are divided on the length of the designs, everyone can agree that these boots can comfortably get anyone through winter looking gorgeous. Meanwhile, women’s UGGs-Australian made are also very close to this style. And, they go very well with a soft skirt or straight-leg pants.


The demand for comfortable footwear, and hence flatforms, are on the rise. Meanwhile, flatforms also gained popularity on Instagram. And the wide audience on social media also helped it gain traction.

They were shown off at parties in Melbourne and also at the Opera House. And they can be paired with flowy fabrics for a bohemian look. Sleek fabrics also work very well with them.


This is an age-old design that is seen as a relic by few. However, this retro item proved its worth in fashion month, as they made way for some very sleek and chic looks.

A clog enthusiast would love the idea of pairing the clunky model with exaggerated frills and polished separates. And if one has apprehensions about this style, a leather clog with a low heel can be a starting point. Besides, they can look great with almost any skirt or pants.


While straps have been a staple throughout the history of footwear, the recent developments are a completely new take on the age-old design. Strappy heels have been taken to the next level by including more intricate strappings. And some had these extending around the ankles, while others had them up towards the calf. Moreover, many elaborate pieces are often paired with lavish dresses, while simpler designs can go well with skirts.


Chains have made their way from being an independent accessory to a footwear statement. Thick chains are especially popular, with designs being made for both gold and silver chains. And they can have a glamorous appeal when paired with elegant dresses. They can also be paired with bright floral themes for a more unconventional look.

Dad Sneakers

These were considered to be one of the ugliest designs in recent footwear history. But, they have come full circle, thanks to their use by Hailey Beiber and the consequent support of netizens on social media platforms.

Truth be told, they are one of the most versatile designs available and can be paired with almost anything. Moreover, they go very well with popular luxe sportswear designs that are gaining popularity all over Australia.

Written By: Alison Lurie


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