5 Things to Consider Before Preparing Workout Meals

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Dedicated bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts spend a lot of time in the gym, and workouts usually involve hours of weight training or other routines. Meanwhile, aside from the fact that several hours are spent at the gym and more than 7 hours sleeping for optimal muscle growth, many will find it difficult to keep up with the rest of the daily chores around the house or do work assignments due to a closely packed fitness regime. In such a scenario, prepping muscle meals in the kitchen seems to take a lot of time, more for some than others, and as a result, this cuts into their daily routine, making them fall short of available hours in a day. This is a big problem for those who pursue fitness in Australia, and consequently, they have to sacrifice some of their time optimising for their workout goals or end up burning out and failing to do anything at all. For those enduring such a problem, this article highlights what to do to reduce the time taken to prep meals in the kitchen:

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  1. Set Aside a Day or Two for Stocking Up Supplies

A better option instead of going out every four days and shopping for groceries and meat: go for the days where it’s the rest day from the gym, like Wednesday or Sunday, and use this day to store all the kitchen essentials. This way, one can focus completely on all the other days of workout schedules without trimming into the hours. Also, make sure to highlight the important ingredients, and don’t just randomly buy stuff off the shelves.

  1. Prepping Meals

First, buy a set of containers and boxes that are preferably reusable, like the ones workers use for lunches and meals. And create a meal plan that doesn’t involve the same meal every day, as this creates a sense of monotony and lack of variety. Moreover, having a meal plan helps create an efficient list of groceries and essentials and prevents wasting money on random purchases. So, once the shopping is done, prep the meals in a single day and set aside all the prepared produce either in the boxes or containers or in the refrigerator.

  1. Highlighting the Boxes After Storing Them

After preparing the meals and storing them in containers, highlight the boxes with the help of markers or labels so that the ingredients for every meal will be available for use without much of a hassle. Also, don’t forget to add in an expiry date so that you can use them before they get spoiled.

  1. Get Meals Delivered

This is the best option available for those struggling to keep up with their schedules. Service providers that prep muscle meals save people a lot of time prepping and cooking, and this gets their work done in no time. But before opting for a meal prepping store, make sure that their ingredients are healthy and beneficial and look into their products and how they obtain them. A little background check will enable fitness enthusiasts to find their ideal stores that prepare meals free from chemicals or hormones and certified by health and wellness experts.

  1. Keep It Simple

Meal prepping doesn’t have to be a complicated task. You can start small and find out what works best and work up from there. In the meantime, you must understand that not every two individuals can share the best meal plan, so shape one according to your preferences and interests. It’s also okay to mix and match between home-cooked meals and takeaways, provided that you hit the nutritional targets daily without fail.

Written By: Alison Lurie


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