Top 4 ENT Doctors in India

Top 4 ENT Doctors

In this article we have listed the top 10 ENT doctors in India, ranked according to their expertise. We have also included Dr. Sunil Agrawal, Dr. Manish Goyal, Dr. Sriprakash Vinnakota, and Dr. G.V.S Rao. All of these doctors have earned worldwide fame and are considered the best ENT doctors in India. Read on to find out more about their specialties.

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Dr. Sunil Agrawal

Known for his expertise in all types of ENT surgeries, Dr. Sunil Agrawal is an ENT surgeon in Indore with almost three decades of experience. He earned his MBBS from MGM Medical College, Indore, and his Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology from MP Shah Medical College in Jamnagar. A member of the Association of Otolaryngologists of India, Dr. Agrawal has extensive training in ENT surgeries, which he uses in his practice.

In addition to his medical training and experience, Dr. Agrawal has received several awards for his work. He has won two Best Paper Awards, including one for his work on atrophic rhinitis and another for his work on OSMF. His qualifications include an MBBS from MGM Institute of Health Science in Bombay, and a Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology from MP Shah Medical College in Jamnagar.

If you’re looking for a renowned ENT surgeon in India, Dr. Sunil Agrawal is a top choice. He is an internationally recognized otologist with over twenty years of experience. He has performed many successful ENT surgeries and has numerous fellowships to his credit. He is affiliated with MIOT International Hospital and practices at many other hospitals in India.

Dr. Sunil Agrawal completed his MD and DM in Neonatology at PGIMER Chandigarh. He has helped save the lives of many premature babies and even one baby who weighed only 450 grams at birth. His dedication to preserving the lives of premature children has led to his recognition as one of the top ENT doctors in the country.

Dr. Manish Goyal

A distinguished member of the Indian Medical Association, Dr. Manish Goyal is an ENT specialist with over 10 years of experience. He has participated in several international workshops and lectures and incorporates cutting-edge technology into his practice. He has a special interest in advanced surgical techniques for the ear, nose, and throat, including endoscopic surgery. He is also proficient in performing ear, nose, and throat surgeries, including turbinectomy and cochlear implant surgery.

Located in Ahmedabad, Dr. Manish Goyal is one of the top ENT doctors in India. His clinic offers comprehensive treatment of ENT diseases, including ear infections, sinusitis, and tonsillitis. His services also include general ENT checkups, ear wax removal, and nasal allergy treatment. His website also includes patient reviews.

Located near ASIA English School and a variety of corporate offices, Dr. Manish Goyal is among the top ENT doctors in India. Patients can seek his expertise through various sources and read patient reviews to get an accurate evaluation of his services. Also, Dr. Goyal has published several research papers and book reviews on ENT and head and neck cancer.

Dr. Manish Goyal is an ENT expert in Ahmedabad and has over 14 years of experience. He practices at Aashwi ENT Hospital and Sal Hospital And Medical Institute in Thaltej, Ahmedabad. He completed his MBBS and MS at JIPMER. In addition, he has completed military service, and then completed his education in the UK.

Dr. Sriprakash Vinnakota

He has extensive experience in a variety of fields including head and neck tumor surgery, reconstructive middle ear surgery, laryngectomy, and functional endoscopic sinus surgery. His comprehensive list of specialties is available on his profile page. Another prominent ENT doctor in India is Dr. Sajeet Kumar. He has more than 36 years of practice in ENT. He has expertise in ENT surgery, ear wax removal, and laryngeal reconstruction.

If you’re in need of an ENT specialist, there are a few good choices in Hyderabad. Dr. Sriprakash Vinnakota, an otolaryngologist, completed his MBBS at the Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad. He later went on to complete his MS in ENT at the Kakatiya Medical College. He is a member of the Association of Otolaryngologists in India and the Indian Society of Otology. He practices at Microcare ENT Hospital and Research Institute. The center provides quality treatment for patients and provides 24 hour emergency services.

In November 2001, he was named as one of the top 10 ENT doctors in the country. His research interests include functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS), advanced otologic techniques, and advanced treatment options for ENT. In addition to his extensive experience in ENT, he is an active participant in conferences and research. Listed below are his latest publications, awards, and other awards.

In addition to Dr. Sriprakash Vinnakota, several other ENT specialists work at the same hospital in Hyderabad. These doctors have contributed to the field of ENT for decades. They are highly skilled in advanced technologies and offer top-of-the-art solutions for simple to complex ENT conditions. In addition, many of them are renowned leaders in the field.

Dr. G.V.S Rao

One of the most renowned ENT surgeons in India, Dr. G.V.S. Rao is dedicated to improving ENT healthcare in India to world-class standards. A dual-degree holder in medicine (MBBS and MS), he has expertise in otology, neurotology, and sinus surgery. He has performed more than 20 microsurgery procedures in a single day and is currently Principal Consultant at the Medwin Hospital in Hyderabad.

Dr. G.V.S Rao is one of the top 10 ENT doctors in India and has more than 30 years of experience. His surgical skills are world-renowned, and he has been featured in the Limca Book of World Records for performing 20 tympanomastoid ear surgeries in 12 hours. His expertise is complemented by his extensive training and research.

He is a well-known Otolaryngologist and graduated from Osmania Medical College in Hyderabad. He then went on to complete his MS in ENT at the Gandhi Medical College. He has been practicing ENT surgery in Hyderabad for over 25 years, providing quality treatment to patients suffering from various ENT problems. He is also the founder of the MangnasV ENT Super Speciality Hospital in Hyderabad, where he provides consulting and consultation services.

The best ENT doctors in India are trained in surgical and medical management of disorders of the nose, ear, and throat. These doctors can perform a variety of procedures, including cochlear implants, facial reconstruction, and head and neck cancer surgery. He also has extensive experience in paediatric ENT. A comprehensive knowledge of the field is required for ENT surgeries.


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