Top 5 Certification Courses That You Can Try

PG in CAD in India

Certification courses are one of the most efficacious ways to career advancement that help a person, pre-equipped and armed with major degrees, add legions of feathers to the peaked caps of their careers.

From accounting to moulding to marketing to design and sales, certifications have varying durations of validity that enhance the careers that are about to take flight. The benefits of certification courses are plenty, and they double up the chances of smoother employment and better paychecks due to the ever-increasing demands of multi-disciplinary experts that almost every company seeks.

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Certification Courses to avail

Regarding the many benefits of master’s certification of any degree, besides the obvious academic recognition and enrichment, it provides the post-graduate some highly motivated fellowship networks that allow him or her to become a part of a nexus that connects people having specific interests and the same educational niche background, thus keeping a massive school of thought, always on the go!

Five examples of some of the most in-demand certification courses that one should always keep an eye out for are:

  1. Masters in Design MediaPG in CAD in India is a highly useful certification that allows an individual to rigorously harness the specificities learned through other Design degrees in similar undergraduate majors that they had previously pursued. A master’s certification in Design helps the person evaluate and gain specialized information that is of great assistance in comprehending both the technical and the artistically creative facets of design that communicates to them through the lens of studied visual media. A fashion, textile, internal, photography, media or lifestyle design certification could pay one 3 to 8 lakhs per annum.
  2. Master Molding Certification- As one of the widely recognised Industry-standard training programs, a Master Molding certification smoothly connects classroom teaching and learning the actual groundwork that takes place in the field and more exclusive knowledge around the plastic industries and the knowledge of different strategies and techniques inculcated in the work system that can lead to a successful career in the plastics industry. The Master Molder program helps the individual gain hands-on experience on new facilities and lab equipment used in such industries, which naturally makes their work and execution much more effective and better.
  3. Data Science Certification- Data science, as a field, is always developing new methodologies and upgrading its levels, be it for the programmer or the user. A person who delves into data science certifications is signing up for constant brush-ups of existing knowledge, staying in touch with a variety of data sets, analysing and reanalysing data, and building newer and revised models and pipelines using multiple programming languages like Python etc. These certifications guarantee help in the form of learning newer and better skillsets required for programming and staying up to date with the recent advancements.
  4. Human Resources Certifications- HR certifications help an individual with degrees in business administration become literal assets to their companies, as the added perks of risk management and business strategising come in a package with their existing knowledge in sales or accounting or finance. Individuals who are willing to improve their employment status by undertaking multiple risk management tasks and driving business results are always prioritised and valued.
  5. Ethical Hacker Certification- Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is one of the broadest learning areas, where one is taught to investigate a client’s computer to determine, detect and eradicate any susceptibility to malware or damage. Ethical Hacking includes penetration or security hacking, testing information, network and web storage security etc.


Knowing one’s strengths and building about the pivot often rewards greatly at the career get-go, and one should always be ready to take such educationally enriching and gratifying plunges!


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