Things You Need to Know about Surfing in Costa Rica

costa rica surf resort

Costa Rica is known to be a popular surfing region for lovers of this water sport. It also has delicious food to offer the enthusiasts and beautiful beaches for tourists and families to repose. Added to this, a costa rica surf resort would be a cherry topping for all those visiting the country during vacations.

You get to explore so many beach breaks and mellow waves along with reefs and points. Additionally, the year-round warm water and consistent swells and surf camps in Costa Rica are excellent at all levels. With a Costa Rica Surf Resort, you would have a complete holiday package to keep you hooked to the place.

Here are some more things to know about surfing in Costa Rica if one of your plans this holiday season.

Travelling to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is open to all international passengers without presenting a negative report of the COVID test results. However, all travellers need to fill up a digital Health Pass. Additionally, they should have all the quarantine accommodation and medical expenses along with them for any emergency case.

Passengers returning from Costa Rica two years or older need to present a COVID negative report within 72 hours of departure. They may also have to submit documentation from a licensed health care provider if they have recovered from the pandemic.

Surfing Seasons

Costa Rica has two different coasts and balmy weather. You can surf in Costa Rica the entire year. That is the beauty of the place. But it also depends on the sites you would like to visit. Additionally, your surfing skills would influence the choice of a surfing spot. However, some months are better for surfing than others.

The Pacific coasts work a lot better with a south swell, and the best conditions are prevalent during April to November. It is the rainy season in Costa Rica. It welcomes powerful swells and even bigger waves. But there’ll be many mellow waves as well.

Quality and Quantity

Costa Rica is so much more than quantity. You get to see the quality of the waves as well. As the Guanacaste Province connects, NW hits the A-frame peaks. That turns the beach breaks for the Tamarindo beginner surfers.

Then you have Nicoya at the stretch of the shoreline, which is an intermediate wonder. You can see that the water here is almost always glassy. Also, the surf on the Caribbean welcomes those who the Pacific bruises in December. Although it is not easy, the waves are fast and punchy. But it is a different story than the western ocean. The Caribbean Costa Rica surf focuses on Puerto Viejo de Talamanca.

Summing Up

Overall, Costa Rica is the choicest place to surf. You and your dear ones would have a fantastic time surfing on the coasts of Costa Rica. All you need is the perfect costa rica surf resort plan, and you will be all set with many great options. And if any day you have a terrible day at surfing, you would still have the Costa Rica beaches to enjoy.

You could go ATV riding, hike to the waterfall, go fishing, and do many fun activities. Costa Rica is not just a surfing spot but almost an abode of adventure!

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