What snack food was legally barred from calling its product “chips”?

What snack food was legally barred from calling its product

We as organisms have quite an intense association with food. And there is a large number of foods that we consume. Though it is an essential thing to support our lives we have never stopped ourselves from blending our food habits as per our hobbies and preferences. As the world grew, there were a large number of things about our lifestyle that got changed. The same thing happened with our food habits.

Unlike earlier days when organic food was the only option, the invention of factories gave birth to a large number of processed foods. This article is going to discuss something important about processed food i.e. chips. Apart from discussing the fundamentals, we will answer the following question, what snack food was legally barred from calling its product “chips”?

 So, let us get started without much delay.

What are processed foods?

Talking of processed foods, there is no end to the list of varieties you will get. But there are some items in that category that are quite popular. Yes, we are talking about potato chips. It is quite impossible for someone to be unaware of the names like Lays, Doritos, etc. There are some people who consider that Pringles belongs to the same category. But we are here to tell you that all those people are wrong. Pringles doesn’t belong to the same category. And we have decided to write this article because a large number of people searching for a specific answer through the internet. Here is the complete statement they typed, what snack food was legally barred from calling its product “chips”? We are going to consider every aspect of the answer required in this matter in order to make you aware of the fact.

The matter

A large number of companies making chips opposed Pringles from calling the chips of its products. And their opposition was based on the ground that Pringles were not made the way to be called chips. It became a matter of concern because of the constituents that make up Pringles. Taking a look at the ingredients of Pringles, you will find that only 40% potato flour is used and the rest of the ingredients include rice flour, cornflour, etc. That is why Pringles can’t call their products chips.

And the same thing happened, Pringles was legally banned from calling the chips of its products. Though they were allowed to use the wood chips in their slogan they opted out. They started calling it crisps. The conclusion was you can’t call something chips if it only contains only 40% potato flour. Even you think of this topic in an ethical way, you shouldn’t be calling Pringles chips because of their ingredients and the way it is made.

Final words

We hope this article was able to make you aware of the fundamentals associated with this process. Through this article, we tried to make teach you people about several other things other than just the query of what snack food was legally barred from calling its product “chips”? Don’t forget to follow us for more articles like this.

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