All You Need to Know PCOD and Its Effects

pcod meaning in hindi

Attaining proper health has always been a matter of concern when we talk about women. Since the female body is quite complex as compared to the male, their bodies have several additional functions as well. In this article, we are going to address a particular topic related to female health which is called PCOD. PCOD stands for Polycystic Ovarian Disease. We noticed a large number of people asking questions related to it. The majority of those queries were like pcod meaning in hindi or pcod in hindi. This article is going to be really useful if you are also looking for such answers. Let us have a look at it in more detail.

What is PCOD?

As we have already mentioned its full name so, we will be using this abbreviated version throughout the article for convenience. PCOD occurs to women during the years when they are able to bear children i.e. 15-44 years. A recent survey has revealed shocking results. The percentage of women having PCOD in the age group discussed is around 2%-26%. It has also been found that many women are not even aware of having this problem. About 70% of the women with PCOD never get treatment for it.

In order to get a clear idea about this syndrome, you need a little bit of knowledge about the fundamentals of women’s reproductive organs. Female ovaries are the organs responsible for producing hormones called Estrogen and progesterone. These hormones are generally called female reproductive hormones. But the ovaries also release very small amounts of the male hormones called Androgens. A proper balance between all these hormones is really necessary for the proper reproductive health of a female. But PCOD disrupts the balance that we are talking about. As a result of which, females have to face several discomforts. We are going to have a look at the effects in the next section.

How does PCOD affect females especially their reproductive health?

PCOD affects the ovaries of females. When there is an obstruction in the functioning of ovaries, the process of ovulation gets disrupted. Here are the three main effects that you will see thereafter. We have written this article in English as it is the most commonly spoken language. Those who are looking for pcod meaning in Marathi will also utilize this article.

  • Formation of cyst(s) in the ovaries of the females.
  • Discontinued periods or skipped periods.
  • Increased level of male hormones in the female body.

PCOD is mainly associated with the formation of cysts as polycystic means the formation of multiple cysts in the ovaries. Cysts in this case are generally sacs filled with liquids. Multiple formations like that are usually seen in the female body. And every cyst is normally an immature egg. But the problem is, those eggs never get enough maturity to initiate the process of ovulation. And now start the other major problems.

When there is an absence of ovulation in the female body, the level of several important hormones like LH, Estrogen, Progesterone, Androgen, etc. disrupts. Some hormones get higher than usual while the others get to the lowest points. In most cases, Progesterone levels drop significantly and Androgen levels go up. An excessive amount of progesterone disturbs their menstrual cycle. That is why many women with this syndrome have fewer periods as compared to healthy women.

What are the major causes behind this syndrome?

Many experts believe it to be a hereditary problem and they found it running through families. But there are some other relevant factors as well that can be held responsible for this situation. Apart from genes, inflation and insulin resistance is also responsible for PCOD. Talking of genes, there are more than one genes that trigger the secretion of excessive Androgen. Then comes the term insulin resistance. It has been found that about 60-70% of women with PCOD have insulin resistance. The cells of such persons are unable to make proper use of the hormone insulin.

When insulin is not used by the human body, the pancreas starts making more insulin. The availability of extra insulin in the human body is very much related to the secretion of excessive male hormones. And this situation is very much found in people with obesity. Inflammation is also a major cause of PCOD in many cases. This situation again is mostly found in obese people. Though the doctors are still not clear about the causes behind this issue but the factors mentioned above can be linked to this syndrome.

Some commonly found symptoms of PCOD

Many women notice these symptoms from the very beginning but the majority of them find it out when they are unable to get pregnant. Anyways, we are mentioning some of the most common symptoms in order to give you a proper idea about it.

Baldness like males

Many women with this syndrome faced baldness on their heads just like males. The hair on their scalp starts falling out.

Hair growth

The majority of women with this syndrome start growing hair on their face, and other parts of the body that don’t usually have hair.

Abnormal bleeding

As the periods are not usual in most cases, the uterine lining gets thicker over time. This is the main reason why women often experience more than usual bleeding in their periods.

How is PCOD treated?

Now we are coming to the most significant portion of this article. You will find this English article to be useful even if you are looking for pcod meaning in tamil. Doctors first examine the situation in a detailed manner. Based on the symptoms that the women are experiencing, the doctor can either check for abnormal formations in the ovary, perform an ultrasound examination, or order blood tests to get a proper idea about the hormonal balance, etc. Once they get enough clues they may choose an appropriate way of treatment.

Some of the most common treatment methods include the following:

Birth control

Regular use of birth control pills may restore the balance of hormones and hence the process of ovulation is corrected. It is also highly effective in treating hair growth.

Use of Metformin

In cases where high insulin levels cause this disease, a drug called Metformin is used to regulate insulin levels. This drug is effective in reducing weight and lowering blood sugar levels. The usual menstrual cycle is achieved as a result of it.

Final words

We hope this article taught you more than just the meaning of PCOD. It has served the purpose for those who are constantly searching for terms like PCOD kya hota hai or PCOD kya hai. To Know more visit our website:


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