What is the AWS Certification ?

AWS Certification

Technology has truly transformed the entire world. In today’s date, we live in a world that has been completely dependent on the use of Technological gadgets. It is impossible for humans to actually survive in today’s date without the use of technological gadgets. The usage of these technological gadgets helps in making life more convenient and efficient at the same time. This is the reason why Technology has been widely accepted and appreciated by most people. Technology got answers to several problems that existed in different organizations and seemed like it had no solution. Technology is considered a blessing to different organizations does it provides many benefits, which has helped many organizations to grow in the market.

What is AWS? 

The most prominent cloud service providers in today’s date are Amazon Web service. Amazon Web services actually the cloud platform provided by Amazon, two different organizations to help them deal with the never-ending problem of storage. Every organization has always faced great trouble in dealing with a great amount of data and information which is produced in the organization every single day. Amazon Web service provides an organization with storage capacity that provides unlimited data storage to organizations with a completely safe and secure format. Many organizations have completely relied on Amazon Web services as they provide great storage capacity to different organizations with Hi-Tech security of those data.

Amazon Web Service Certification 

As a lot of organizations have actually used Amazon Web services as their cloud service providers, it is very important to use Amazon Web services efficiently. Despite the fact that Amazon Web service is very professional friendly and it can be easily accessible by Information Technology professionals, organizations prefer hiring professional Shruti Amazon Web service certification as the certificate reflects their knowledge and skills in the usage of Amazon Web services. The Amazon Web services certification is actually a certificate of professionalism provided by AWS Certification.

The Different Certifications under AWS and their structures 

Amazon Web services are considered to be the biggest cloud service provider in today’s world. This is the reason they have different types of certifications for professionals which can help them in enhancing their career. The different types of certifications in Amazon Web services are the Amazon Web services certified cloud practitioner, Amazon Web services certified developer associate, Amazon Web service Certified SysOps administrative associate, Amazon Web services certified solutions architect associate, Amazon Web services and big data specialists, and a lot more by Sprintzeal.

  1. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Amazon Web service cloud practitioner certification is actually considered to be an entry-level certification in the field of Amazon Web services. This certification is considered to be the best certification when a professional is planning to gain a lot of knowledge about cloud technology and how organizations manage with different cloud platforms. This is one of the most beneficial Amazon Web services certifications as it provides great value to the entire courier of the professional. To get the certification, a professional should have at least six months of general Amazon Web service cloud experience in any organization. Spelling candidates will have to sit for an examination that consists of different multiple choice questions where the candidate has to answer all of them in 90 minutes. 

  1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

Amazon Web services solutions architect associate certification is also one of the most renowned certifications in the field of Amazon Web services. As we know that Amazon Web services provide different technological help to a lot of organizations, using those technologies in the best possible way is usually a very difficult task. Professional forgets the certification has a great knowledge of how to use and create secure and robust applications which can help different organizations. To get the certification, professionals should also have to set for the multiple-choice question exam, which consists of a total of 130 minutes.

  1. AWS Developer -Associate

Amazon Web services have different applications future completely focused on the growth of the company. A professional with the Amazon Web services developer associate certification has great knowledge about maintenance of these Amazon Web services-based applications, and it also helps different developers in developing secure applications. A Professional with a certification has great knowledge about how to use coding in Amazon Web service software in a particular business. Having the certification will provide the certificate holder with a great understanding of the Amazon Web service architecture. The professional has to sit for an examination, which has a total time of 30 minutes, and it consists of multiple-choice questions.

These are the AWS certification, which provides certificate holders the great functional value. Professionals with any Amazon Web services certification has never been disappointed with the career as the experience great functionality in the organizations.


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