Pokémon Trading Card Game-AUSTRALIA

Pokemon cards in Australia

The Pokémon Trading Card Game is still a hit, despite being less well-known than the video games themselves. The Pokemon Trading Card Game has been in rotation and use since the mid-to the late 1990s; it boasts an impressive amount of backstory. Pokemon cards in Australia have 18 different types; the TCG only has 11 as some of them are combined in this version.

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To use the Pokemon’s moves, you will need one or more of a specific type of Energy Cards. Regardless of the Type, each player’s style of play has developed around them, with some being more effective than others.


  • Colourless- The Colorless Type in the TCG corresponds to the Normal Type in the video game. The greatest TCG strength is using any Energy Type as a Colorless Energy requirement for using a move. They have their own unique Energy Card called Double Colorless, which grants the Pokemon to which it is attached a total of two Colorless Energy.
  • Dragon-In the Pokemon Energy Type Pool, Dragon Types are the most recent addition. All the types of cards have energy cards except the dragon. To be able to attack, every Dragon-type Pokemon must use two different Energy Types.
  • Metal-Steel Types from the video game are given the Type Metal in the Trading Card Game. The TCG does not have as many resistances as the Pokemon version. Because Pokemon can only resist one type of attack in the Trading Card Game, their video game power is lost.
  • Lightning-For all of Lightning’s good support cards, it has a few fatal flaws that keep it from rising to the top of the game’s threat hierarchy. Due to their support cards, lightning decks don’t have to worry as much about collecting the type’s basic Energy Cards.
  • Darkness-A turn towards the better Energy Types is seen here with Darkness Pokémon (the TCG’s equivalent of Dark Pokemon). Pokemon of the night frequently have powerful abilities that can interact with both active and benched opponents.
  • Fairy-Although the Fairy Type was removed in Sword and Shield, its metagame impact can still be felt today. Many of the best Fairy-type Pokemon could take advantage of your opponent, making them excellent counters.
  • Grass-Grass Type moves don’t appear to be the most powerful in the game. In contrast, the strength of the Grass is due to the additional effects that its moves are capable of. Pokemon of the Grass Type can easily spread status amongst themselves and to other Pokemon.
  • Fighting-This type encompasses all of the different types of Pokemon that fight. The TCG’s weaknesses are drawn from the video game’s weak points. Due to the fact that each of the three Pokemon types has a weakness to a different type of Energy in the TCG, fighting decks have a much harder time countering them.
  • Fire-Pokemon of the Fire-type have some of the most devastating attacks in the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Disengaging the Energy Cards to use the Pokemon’s attacks is a major selling point for Fire-type Pokemon. Fire support cards can compensate for this drawback, and some of them even reuse the Energy they’ve used up so that you don’t lose any advantage.
  • Psychic-When it comes to their ability to affect every Pokemon present in the field, psychic and fairy types are very similar. Colourless Energy can be taken into use by Psychic Types for many of their moves, allowing Psychic Pokemon to use their special abilities immediately.
  • Water-Water is the most powerful Pokemon Energy Type in the Trading Card Game, as it has repeatedly demonstrated. Being able to deal significant damage to the card. Ice Types from the Water category can still hold their own against Fire, and they can even deal weak damage in return.


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