custom wedding suits in Sydney

Suits have obtained their status as the symbols of professionalism from the British. They were the first to don a suit on occasions that needed an air of power and control. Earlier, suits were any attire that involved wearing a coat on top of a shirt. But today, there are separate stores, tailors and fashion brands that manufacture suits.

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Although Australian fashion is known for the simple, beach-style pants and flip-flops, the luxury suits market has seen a rise when market revenue is considered. Menswear retailing is one of the leading markets in Australia, out of which the luxury clothing lines generate $2 billion! Many shops offer casual suits, bespoke and custom wedding suits in Sydney, Melbourne, and other major cities!

Types of Suits

The general idea of a suit is just an outfit that consists of a coat, shirt and pants. But this is an age-old representation of suits. Today, the components of a suit vary. There are suits with two to five pieces used for different occasions and have different tailoring.

In general, a two-piece suit is a classic. It consists of a blazer, a crisp white shirt and a set of tailored pants. Vests, cummerbunds and waistcoats get added on as the number of pieces increases. While the former is used in a corporate office setting, the latter variations are used in award shows, ballrooms and other delegations.


Suits can be donned on any occasion. Early on, suits were believed to be only workplace-appropriate. But today, a suit can be styled and changed for a walk to the cafe. One can wear a light-coloured blazer over a plain white tee. To make the outfit Aussie-style, they can pair this with some light chino pants!

Office-wear suits are often lightweight and are made of anti-sweat materials since they need to be worn for the entire day. Furthermore, these suits aren’t brightly coloured. They usually come in grey-black tones and may or may not have embroidered self-designs based on the workplace requirements.

Custom wedding suits in Sydney and other regional cities has become a recent fad. Weddings are precious memories\. Be it the bride or groom, one would wish for the best outfit they can ever get. For weddings, many services tailor-make bespoke suits to allow for a personal twist in the outfit that adds to the memory!

Suits for conferences and international conventions need another layer of professionalism to appeal to the target audiences. Typically, these suits utilise accessories to add more flavour. These accessories could be bowties, regular ties or pocket squares. Four-piece suits are commonly opted for such events as they are made of high-quality fabric that adds exuberance to the wearer.

Importance of tailoring

The classic two-piece suits are available ready-made in the market today. These come occasion-wise and are spread over a wide colour palette. However, the drawback of store-bought suits is the fit. A suit gets its class and elegance primarily from how it hugs an individual’s body in the right places. If the suit is uncomfortable or hangs loosely from one’s body frame, it might not give the best impression.

Tailor-made suits are the solution to this problem. They are custom-made to suit the individual’s body structure and fit needs. A tailored fitting typically has four steps:

  • Schedule
  • Measuring
  • Fittings
  • Final adjustments


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